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Office Furniture Ideas

There are so many types of office furniture, it can be difficult to find the right furniture for the business or home office. From scrolling through endless websites to browsing local inventory, the task can be complicated. Keeping a focus on need will help, but too much attention can also cause a distraction. With this in mind, we at Office Furniture Inc are listing several popular choices that may help clear through the muck of the information overload that comes with buying office furniture. The following options are suggestions for the centerpiece of any office- the desk.

L Shaped Executive Desk with Hutch from Express Office Furniture

L Shaped Executive Desk with Hutch

L Shaped desk is one of the most popular desk layouts today. Its adaptability to most spaces makes for a great option to have for a larger desk to fit within an average sized office space. This Express Office Furniture model is made from commercial grade laminate, which is the most popular office furniture material due to its cost savings in manufacturing and shipping, along with its strong durability. This desks return can go on either side of the main desk to better fit within the room. A hutch is attached for added storage above the main desk. Below the hutch is a tack board that is very useful as well.

The desk comes in four finish options to choose from to match the style of the rest of the space. The gray woodgrain color is the most popular color right now. Its neutral tone will fit within just about any space without having to do a complete remodel of the office. However, the other three-color options- cherry, dark walnut, and modern walnut are also attractive color options to consider.

This is an executive desk, which as the name implies is designed for management. The modern twist here, is that traditional executive desks are primarily a warm woodgrain with a light red tint, such as cherry, but due the popularity of the other colors, they have been incorporated into the executive furniture color palette.

Desk with V legs from Harmony Collection

Desk with V Legs

This trendy minimalist desk is perfect for a home office or a modern office. Its simplicity speaks volumes and carries a great amount of style. The v legs are extremely popular right now, and actually can be found in other style desks as well, such as an L shaped desk. This desk may not seem like much but for someone seeking a minimalist style, it will be a perfect fit to the office space. This desk comes in several sizes from quite small (48”x24”) such as a writing desk would be, to the size of a small conference table (72”x30”) which allows for the desk to fit within any space perfectly.

This LP Laminate desk is made from commercial grade laminate, which again is the most popular office furniture material. That means that the tabletop will stand up to the rigors of day use with extreme scratch resistance. The desk comes in seven color options, with white being the most popular due to the desks modern style. It also comes in aspen, cherry, expresso, maple, modern walnut, and Newport gray giving this desk all the options needed to fit any color palette desired.

The v legs give the desk its modern/minimalist look. These leg supports are popular but not for everyone. Some find them to resemble sawhorses from construction sites that are holding up a piece of plywood, but to those with a refined modern/minimalist style, they are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Finally, the desk comes with mobile storage options. Since the desk is minimalist, drawers are not attached to the desk but rather are intended to be set up near the desk for easy access. As an added bonus, these drawer systems can be upgraded to come with padded seats in a few color options-green, blue, or orange. These drawer systems round out the look of minimalism while making for a fully functional office desk.

Glass Counter Reception Desk from Harmony Collection

Glass Top Reception Desk

Setting the tone of the office begins at the front door and the best way to do that is to have an awesome reception desk. This LP Laminate series desk by Harmony Collection is a great statement to at the forefront of the business. This reception desk is versatile with its many options. It is a functional and stylish desk for the receptionist to work from while being the first impression of the business.

This L shaped reception desk has a certain simplicity to it. It isn’t very flashy or trendy but has a refinement about it. It is clearly made for an atmosphere of professionalism, and that is the vibe that this piece of office furniture gives off. It’s a perfect desk to have as a greeting station for clients entering the building. The glass transaction counter is a nice touch for welcoming those clients as well.

This reception desk comes in a variety of colors, the always popular Newport gray is available as well as-aspen, cherry, mahogany, modern walnut and one other color. That color, on this desk makes a great option for a professional atmosphere that has a touch of a high-end sense , and that color is espresso. Espresso on this desk gives it a rich dark tone that can be found in modern settings, and with this color the desk will be a perfect fit for that style.

This desk comes with several options that allow it to adapt to the need of the business that it is set in. At its basic form, the desk has a minimalist appearance. Adding drawers is a snap, this will give the receptionist much needed storage options to work with. Whether it’s two or three drawers or hanging pedestals, below the desk storage has several options. Also, several keyboard trays options are available, as well as organizer trays to keep everything in order. This desk is fully customizable with these options.

U Shaped Standing Desk from Harmony Collection

U Shaped Standing Desk with Hutch

This U shaped standing desk from the LP Laminate series from Harmony Collection is a very large desk. The desk has a sit stand option to promote movement in the office to combat a sedentary lifestyle. With several size and customization options, the desk can be modified to fit just about any space. It is a great option for anyone needing additional desktop space.

This LP Laminate series desk from Harmony Collection is a large desk with flexible layout options. First off, the bridge can be installed on either side to allow for the opening to be in just the right place. The desk features three desktops to work from which makes working on several projects at once easier. The main desktop also converts at a push of a button to a standing desk. This standing desk option gets the user out of their seat which helps the body stretch out. This combats the sedentary lifestyle that comes with working in an office.

The desk comes with an attached hutch for added storage. Along with the hutch, this desk comes with a few options for drawer pedestals for storage. Additionally, keyboard tray and task light choices round out the options available on this desk. The desk comes in five color options- aspen, cherry, espresso, modern walnut, and Newport gray. Each of which makes for an interesting choice for the desk.

This desk fits in a management setting as well with any person who multitasks daily. The separation of space with the three desktops allows for seamless transition from project to project. With its ample storage options, it will serve just about any purpose. While this is a whole lot of desk, it is a lot of functional desk. It is a fantastic option for a larger office space.

U Shaped Sit Stand Desk from Harmony Collection

U Shaped Sit Stand Desk

This is another U shaped desk option that is also a sit stand desk but this one is a bit more modest. The desk features an open bottom with metal legs for the sit stand mechanism up front. The credenza and wall storage in the back round out the rest of the desk. This is a great all-purpose desk for anyone wanting to get away from a complete sedentary work lifestyle.

This sit stand desk comes with a laminate desktop in six finishes. White is a great choice for a neutral office. It has an upscale look to it that fits well in that setting. The other choices are aspen, cherry, espresso, modern walnut, and Newport gray. The metal legs come in two options- black and silver. This gives the desk a dual color combination that will ensure that it fits the office space nicely.

The backside of the U shape is a credenza for storage. The credenza has a tabletop as well that can be used for art, books, drawings, or storage. Above the credenza is wall mounted storage cabinets. These cabinets will be made from the same commercial grade laminate as the rest of the desk. It will provide functional storage as well as providing additional style to the room because it is not connected to the desk.

The adjustable desk measures 72"W x 78"D with a minimum height of 25.5" and a maximum height of 51.” Which means that it is plenty of desk for the job. Additional accessories include single or dual monitor mounting arms, keyboard trays, and drawer configurations. All in all, this is a great desk with a unique touch of style. Its automated height adjustment makes the transition from sitting to standing a snap.