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Office Cubicles

Office space often dictates layout. The ratio of employees to space can often tip toward a cubicle design by necessity. Sometimes it’s the smart solution, others it’s the only choice. Either way, cubicles are very versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the required need of the business office. The following is information needed to make a smart purchase for your office.

Cubicles can be constructed to fit just about any need. But what is a cubicle exactly? A cubicle is a modular, freestanding work area. At a minimum a cubicle will have a tabletop workstation with a limited amount of storage. The smaller cubicle will have just enough space for a computer chair to fit in. However, cubicles can be quite larger. A cubicle can have an L-shaped or even a U-shaped tabletop with ample storage. These examples show just how versatile a cubicle system can be.

The defining characteristic of a cubicle is that they provide a measure of privacy. Cubicles connect together via partitioned walls that give the employee a small measure of discretion while working in an office. These wall panels create a unique workstation that separates workers enough to give them their own space to work in.

Connected cubicles are affectionately known as a “cubicle farm” because they grow together. A byproduct of cubicles is that the workforce works closely together. If one employee needs to ask a another a question, that employee is only a step or two away.

Cubicles, despite being a modular series of connected walls can be found in many styles to match the atmosphere of the office. Cubicles can fit within a contemporary, traditional, modern, industrial, or transitional office. No matter your style or color palette, there is a cubicle design for you.

Another variation of a cubicle is an open office workstation. Open office workstations function in the same manner as a cubicle with the exception that open office workstations promote even more inclusion of the workforce. The defining difference between a cubicle and an open office workstation is that the partitioned walls of cubicles are removed.

An open office workstation performs well in some environments but could hinder production in others. Knowing how this dynamic works for your office is essential. If your workforce needs maximum communication and teamwork, then open office workstations are for you. If the workforce needs privacy and works autonomously, then cubicles will be the right choice for you.

When it comes time to select cubicles or an open office workstation, keep in mind that office space planning is needed. Space planning can be a difficult task, with cubicles or open office workstations it can be near impossible. Finding a layout that maximizes your workspace with these types can be extremely difficult. That is why it’s an intelligent decision to reach out to a reputable office furniture business.

A well-respected supplier will provide access to their design team. This professional design team will have the experience necessary to design a floorplan for your workspace. The design team has the knowledge to work within your chosen style and color palette.  No matter the size and shape, or the style or colors of your workspace, a quality design team will have the skill to optimize your space.

A professional office furniture supplier will not only provide assistance in design but will be of value in other areas as well. A well-respected supplier will work with you on budgeting, selection, shipping and installation.  The benefits of selecting the right supplier cannot be understated.

Since cubicles and open office workstations are modular with a lot of assembly required, a good supplier will offer installation. It is highly recommended that you allow the professionals to install. Doing so will keep you on schedule and keep you from potentially making an error in self installation that will end up driving your final cost up to fix your mistake. If you are currently looking for office furniture and are in need of additional assistance in your search, give us a call at (888) 831-1012 to speak one-on-one with our professional designers!