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Office Furniture Systems

When planning for the purchase of office furniture, one important aspect is to make sure that every piece of furniture purchased matches. The best way to do that is to purchase matching systems to ensure a cohesive look throughout the office. An office furniture system is modular furniture in a set from a manufacturer. In this section we will be highlighting some great examples of desks and cubicle systems to look at when performing research for new office furniture.

Express Laminate desks

Desks from Express Laminate are a great option. These desks are made with commercial grade laminate that are durable and sturdy. The collection features several options for multi-seat workstations. One great example is their four-person reception desk workstation with acrylic desk dividers. This is a system that connects four desks into a common workstation. The acrylic desk dividers allow for a bit of privacy from desk to desk, but still offers openness between the four desks. The front two desks come with transaction counters for greeting clients.

LP Laminate desks from Harmony Collection

Another great option is the LP Laminate series from Harmony Collection. This series offers several great choices, such as the executive U shape two person reception desk. This desk system is for two receptionist and offers a few options in size. The system features frosted acrylic divider panels between the desks, and a transaction counter running the entire front. With several drawer configurations, and over head wall mounted cabinets to provide ample storage. The system comes in a variety of finishes that will suit just about any color palette.

Express series from Harmony Collection

An alternative series to the LP Laminate series from Harmony Collection. What makes this system stand out is that this desk features aluminum legs. The design is somewhat less understated than the bulkier LP series. The four person workstation with side storage is a fantastic example. The system features four workstations on what looks like a single large workstation with acrylic panels for dividers. The unique underside storage makes for an interesting focal point. The system comes in all the standard Harmony Collection finishes. This is a wonderful workstation for a modern office.

Express Office Furniture

The express office furniture system offers a line of cubicles for a traditional office layout. The Express Office Furniture collection features several styles of cubicles that offer different style options. As an example, the three person office cubicle desk system allows for workspaces to be purchased in threes. The cubicles make individual workstations that features an L shaped desktop. Each cubicle comes with drawers and acrylic dividers.

EZCube system by RSI Systems Furniture

The EZCube system is a simple, fast, and affordable office solution for providing workspace in the office. A good representation of the system is the office cubicle workstation desk with upper storage & drawers. This system provides extra thick 3.25” wall panels for added sound absorption. The system is simple, and functional for a quick setup and start of service. The desktop has three finish options.

EZCube Plus system by RSI Systems Furniture

The EZCube Plus system by RSI Systems Furniture is a blend of traditional cubicles and modern workstations. It is a premium version of the EZCube system.  They have combined both types into one system. The office cubicle workstation desk with filing drawers and hutch is an amazing example. One of the features of this system is the extra thick 3.25” wall panels. This allows for more sound absorption between workstations. The system offers a hutch for even more storage. The desktop comes in three finishes to chose form.

Echo series by RSI Systems Furniture

The Echo series is a contemporary style line that offers several unique furniture options. Some of the choices will need have a consultation with a design team to cover all the options and layouts. A standout from this series is the five person cubicle desk workstation. Of course this system can be customized. At the base, this workstation is open office concept with minimal division between seating areas. Customization provides so many options with its 125 fabric selections, 27 laminates and 4 different paint colors.

Express Panel Systems by Express Office Furniture

Express Panel system series cubicles are a series of traditional cubicles. They have several layout options, such as the three multi-height cubicle workstations with reception desk. This system features a reception desk with a transaction counter at the front. Behind that are two cubicles that has drawers and overhead storage. All three workstations have an L shaped desktop. The desktops come in three finish options.

SpaceMax cubicle systems by Harmony Collection

SpaceMax cubicle systems take parts of another of Harmony Collection’s systems, the LP Laminate series and transform them into cubicles. Looking at the example of the two person cubicle desk set, we can clearly see a fashionable laminate desk surrounded by cubicle walls. This set up allows for stacking to maximize the space with as many functional workstations as possible. Each desk comes in five finish options, a few drawer configurations, and multiple keyboard tray options to customize the system as needed.